Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cinco De Mayo!

Well I hope your day was filled with Mexican affairs, mine had a few things. And, I'm not even Hispanic! I began my day with of course, church. It was the last QFM Live, for the little ones. Today's message was a virtue we all know, Patience. It was very funny and had a lot of dancing and glow sticks (you had to be there). After popcorn and chips with salsa (Cinco De Mayo) And I met up with some friends and chatted till the actual service, dun dun dun! Today was the last day message of our 2 week series on Hydrate. Michael talked about Jacob's well and the Samarian woman who gave Jesus water, even though she was not suppose to and committed adultery, many a times. It was good. I can't wait till our building is started and eventually complete! After I went home, ate an apple, and did Chemistry and Spanish. So fun, although I do enjoy Chemistry. Finally my day brought me to bike up to the store and buy 3 drinks and rollos for my sister. I hate a Fuze, tropical punch, and it was so good! While drinking that wonderful liquid, I surfed the internet and listened to some music. For dinner my family and I had quesadillas with salsa and chips, I stuck to mostly the quesadilla and my Fuze. (it's gone now..) The kitchen cleaned and I bored again, I went for yet another bike ride and surprisingly saw a few friends down at the park and we talked for awhile then they longboarded while I biked and climbed trees over the river! GAH. Scary. Boys are silly sometimes (most times..) I came home reluctantly an hour and a half later. I made banana ice cream and had some of that. It's very good! You need to try it here is what I did..

5 bananas
Cinnamon to taste
2 tsp vanilla
Peanut butter (if wanted, it's good too!)

That was my night, I'm not happy to go back to school tomorrow but only 25 days left till Summer Break!

With Love, Emily

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