Saturday, May 11, 2013

Busy Life

So yes it has been awhile since I have posted but I have good reasons! I've been studying for finals and many other tests and applying for jobs and taking in the spring sunshine. Breathe... Okay, now that that is out there I'd like to say today was boring. YES, finally an uneventful day. Wrong, I hate sitting down and doing nothing for long periods of time, I can barely type this without getting up and leaving my blog to collect dust.

Let's begin with last night.. I drove with a friend, after school, to Sport's Authority to get a light up frisbee.. Yes, we did drive 30 minutes and 20 dollars later to get one.. Got home and at her house we threw a bonfire slash frisbee throwing party. So fun! I loved that thing. It was well worth the $20. After I was invited to another friend's house (I'm by no means popular, this was a weird thing for me) and we watched Anchorman. Can Will Ferrell be any funnier? Maybe, we'll debate that some other time. Around 1 I got home and crashed.. Woke up to bonfire hair. I have a love hate relationship with that scent. it just really sucks when you can't get it out after multiple washing's.
OK, the only thing I did today was make a cake for my Mother, for mother's day tomorrow. It's strawberry with straberry whipped cream frosting. It looks good but the cake more or less reminded me of Sleeping Beauty's fairy godmother's cake for her 16th birthday, falling over and frosting dripping off. Hey, at least it will taste good and Mom will love it! (I hope)

Now I sit here and type while watching 101 Dalmatians the Disney Classic. One of my favorites!

Say good things to your mama everyone tomorrow! Even if, like I, you don't get along perfectly.

With Love, Emily.

This is the blog I found the recipe on, Enjoy!

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