Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Oh, What a Wonderful Day!

Oh what a day! It was truly a gift!
My Human Biology class went on a field trip to see Body Worlds at the Science Museum. Although it was my second time seeing it (I went 6 years ago!) I was still amazed at how cool our bodies can really be, ya know? At times it was gross to look at parts but once you get past it you realize God made a miracle and does every time a new human is born. My favorite part, now and then, is the arteries, veins, and capillaries outlines. How do they strip the body down to microscopic tubes that are extremely fragile and still manage to keep their shape?! Freaking amazing.
Not to mention my Father was on the trip with me and 6 years ago being the science-y, nerdy kid I am he took me for fun. So it was like a reunion.
OH! And, there was this handsome young lad of whom I don't know that kept looking over at me and smiling, I was twitterpated, immediately and dedicated the rest of my day to smiling whenever he came across me (or I to him) probably the latter of the two.. Sadly though, it could have been my imagination that he was smiling at me, for I am just a lowly blonde haired, blue eyed girl. I never got the nerve to get his number... (fun fact: he was from Delano) I will be searching handsome boy, (;

After that trip was over and I said goodbye to my prince (extreme exaggeration) my father finally took me to take my permit test.. And the verdict is....

I PASSED! With 2 wrong out of 40, yay me! (London Tipton, anybody? No? okay.)
To celebrate he took me to Cherry Berry for the first time. Encase you don't know, it's a self serve, frozen yogurt place with so many kinds of yogurt and toppings to choose from it's almost overwhelming. Silly, boring old me decided just to get non-fat birthday cake with a few bobas, (yet to figure out what they are) The total ounce count was 10, coming to $5.33. EXPENSIVE, honestly 10 oz's is nothing in terms of frozen yogurt.

It was delicious and clean, for the most part! The downside is, I am now having major stomach problems and I feel sick.. ICK. For the cost of this stuff, I better hold it down.
The rest of my night's timeline is;  homework, read, bike ride?, and Awkward. at 9 o'clock. If you haven't watched it and you're a teen girl (or boy) I totally suggest it for a try. It's pretty funny, here's the link to their page on MTV.com


And to close today's blog I have this little quote:

Wonderful little thing isn't it? I thought the Lord was showing His love for me today, and it didn't go unnoticed or unappreciated.

With Love, Emily

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